IQOS Club Loyalty Program


[The official version of these Terms and Conditions shall be the version in Spanish, available at IQOS CLUB SPANISH TERMS and registered before Pro Consumidor under No. 061/2019.]


Latest update: September 1st 2019

IQOS CLUB” (hereinafter, the “Program” or “IQOS Club”) is a program of Philip Morris Dominicana, S.A. (hereinafter “PMDO”), company with offices in Santo Domingo in Acrópolis Center, 22nd floor, Winston Churchill Avenue No. 1099, Piantini, postal code 9706, telephone number 809-920-2200.


IQOS Club is addressed to legal age IQOS users and legal age smokers residing in the Dominican Republic, and is subject to the following terms and conditions:




  • Legal age person who has acquired an IQOS, is registered in the PMDO database and has registered their device.


  • Beneficiary refers to the User properly affiliated with the Program who has been issued an IQOS CLUB CARD.


  • By fulfilling the Program’s conditions, the Beneficiary will receive points or monetary bonuses that can be accumulated and redeemed or exchanged at IQOS stores and stores associated to Oh My Card (“OMC”) (available at www.iqos.com).


  • Oh My Card (OMC): Vendor dedicated to services/creation of loyalty programs for accumulation and redemption of IQOINS points; it is the provider of the cards and system of points accumulation for the IQOS CLUB program and is responsible for the adequate operation of the points accumulation and redemption system used for IQOS Club.


  • IQOINS points. Points awarded to Beneficiaries for different activities. They can be exchanged at IQOS stores and stores affiliated to OMC available at iqos.com.


  1. Duration. This Program will start on the eighteenth (18th) of October of the year two thousand nineteen (2019), and will remain in effect indefinitely. The Program may be terminated unilaterally by PMDO and the publication of said cancellation on www.iqos.com a month before the effective date of the cancellation shall suffice. Once the cancellation is published, the Beneficiaries shall be notified by email at the email address they have provided for contact purposes.


  1. Mechanic.


3.1. IQOS CLUB CARD: Users may join IQOS CLUB by visiting IQOS stores and points of sale, or by contacting the IQOS Customer Service Center (809-200-4767 or *477). When the User registers for the Program, a card with a unique numbering will be assigned to them (“IQOS CLUB CARD” or “the card”), which must be presented for the accumulation and redemption of IQOINS Points. The IQOS CLUB CARD will be assigned by presenting their official identity card or passport.


3.1.1 The IQOS CLUB CARD is not a credit card.


3.2. IQOINS Points accumulation: The Beneficiary will accumulate points on his IQOS CLUB CARD, which must be presented along with an official identity document for points to be credited. In case of not having the physical card at hand when making a purchase or activity that generates IQOINS Points, the Beneficiary may also indicate the number and security code of their IQOS CLUB CARD, in addition to presenting their identity card or passport. Points may be accumulated by prforming the following activities:


3.2.1 PURCHASES at IQOS stores: The Beneficiary will accumulate IQOINS Points in proportion to the value of their purchase. Points will be granted according to the following percentages related to the amount consumed in a single invoice / purchase in official IQOS points of sale:


Purchase Value Range

IQOINS Points Awarded

 DOP  00.01

 DOP    2,200

1% of the purchase value

 DOP  2,201

 DOP    3,200

2% of the purchase value

 DOP  3,201

 DOP   99,999

3% of the purchase value


3.2.2 REFERRING: The Beneficiary will accumulate IQOINS when referring an adult smoker who has not been referred by another person and who purchases their IQOS device for the first time. Both the Beneficiary (who refers) and the adult smoker referred by him (“Referral”) receive 1,000 IQOINS Points accumulated on his IQOS CLUB CARD. In the case of the Referral, he must proceed to register as a Beneficiary in order to receive the Points; otherwise, the points would be discarded.


3.2.3 Other Activities: During the Program’s duration, PMDO may offer other activities to Beneficiaries allowing them to generate additional IQOINS from time to time. PMDO will communicate these activities and rewards through its website www.iqos.com.


3.3 Additional Information:

  • 1 IQOIN Point is equivalent to RD$ 1.00.
  • Under no circumstances may IQOINS Points be exchanged for cash.
  • The Beneficiary may access the Program and Points verification platform through the link https://backoffice.ohmycard.com/iqos with the IQOS CLUB CARD number to check the amount of IQOINS Points accumulated.
  • IQOINS Points are personal and are not transferable to any other person or entity.
  • All IQOIN Points will be registered to the Beneficiary's account within forty-eight (48) hours after a purchase.
  • In case of loss of the card, the Beneficiary may obtain a duplicate at IQOS stores. The points accumulated on the lost card will be transferred to the new one in 7 business days.
  • Points are not generated or accumulated in purchases made with redeemed points or in purchases with gift cards.
  • PMDO and participating stores reserve the right to not grant or redeem IQOINS Points in case of suspected fraud or deceit by any person or Beneficiary that may result in a denaturalization or deviation of the conditions or object of the program, or in breach of any of the conditions of the Program.


  1. IQOINS Points Exchange and Benefit Redemption. To redeem IQOINS, the Beneficiary must present the physical IQOS CLUB CARD and official Identity Card or Passport to validate their identity, ownership of the IQOS CLUB CARD and legal age.


4.1. Points may be exchanged at IQOS stores, on purchases made via the IQOS Customer Service Center (809-200-4767 or * 477), and stores affiliated to OMC available at www. iqos.com


4.2. Beneficiaries will have until September 30 of each year to redeem their IQOINS accumulated during the previous year. Failure to do so before the date indicated, will result on the automatic deactivation of the remaining points, which would no longer be subject to being claimed or redeemed. The affiliation of the Beneficiary to the Program and other benefits of being part of it shall not be affected.


4.3. To address any inconvenience in relation to the accumulation or exchange of Points, the Beneficiary may contact OMC directly by entering www.ohmycard.com, or the IQOS Customer Service Center (809-200-4767 or *477 ).


  1. In the event of any violation by the Beneficiary of the terms contained herein or any conduct that may threaten PMDO, the latter reserves the right to cancel the Beneficiary's affiliation to the Program, which shall be communicated to the Beneficiary via email.


  1. Program Terms and Conditions Updates. PMDO may modify the terms and conditions of the Program at any time, prior deposit in Pro Consumidor of said modifications for their review and registry, before being put into effectiveness. Once approved, these modifications will be published on the website www.iqos.com. Similarly, PMDO unilaterally and without any cause may terminate the Program at any time. In case of Program cancellation, users of the program will be notified via a verifiable a month in advance so that the Beneficiaries have time to redeem the IQOINS they have accumulated.


  1. Data Protection.We need your information in order to always provide you with the highest quality standards and the proper execution of the Program. By requesting their registration in the Program, the Beneficiary expressly accepts and declares that it authorizes the processing of their personal data for the execution of the Program, including being contacted by PMDO directly or via third parties regarding the Program, its modifications, cancelation and benefits, in accordance with Law 172-13 on data protection. Likewise, the Beneficiary understand that if they wish to modify, rectify or delete their data, they should only contact PMDO via the Customer Service Center number 1-809-200-3584.



The official version of these Terms and Conditions shall be the version in Spanish, available at IQOS CLUB SPANISH TERMS and registered before Pro Consumidor under No. 061/2019.