We reward your preference and loyalty

Earn points and use them in whatever you like best.

Earn points in every purchase you make!

For each purchase on our IQOS channels, you earn a % of your bill.

If your purchase is from:

  • 1 - 2,199 pesos, you accumulate 1%
  • 2,200 - 3,199 pesos, you accumulate 2%
  • 3,200 pesos and up, you accumulate 3%

Remember the more you buy the more you get!

Share your experience

What do you have to do?

Refer a smoking adult friend to buy his first IQOS through:

  • Call Center (809 200 4767 or * 477)
  • IQOS stores
  • IQOS Coaches

The best news is that both win

You receive 1,000 points and your referred friend also receives 1,000 points on your IQOS CLUB card.

Because there is a better alternative!

Redeem your points at any IQOS point of sales and Call Center.

Welcome to the only club that changes lives.

Request your card at any of our IQOS point of sales or by calling 809-200-4767 or * 477

IQOS Club Terms and Conditions